Stunning Euphony

I want to share my age-old idolatry of a singer eons ago. My teacher made me do this piece of essay which will feature someone we adore most – a celebrity if I may. Then, there was this Juan Karlos Labajo which I am fond of watching in the telly on an evening reality show called “The Voice Kids”. Then, I made a research regarding his background; what is it in his mundane life? Then I am made to realize that this guy deserve to be known wide. So, here it is, the piece from my scholarly requirements. My high school essay about Juan Karlos.

At one moment the stage is a featureless darkness, an empty palace, not including the light. Neither glow nor sound is present. The next moment, the dish-shattering-silence will be bombarded with applause, invigorating noise, melody, and Dreams. The stage lights up, shafts of light radiates anywhere from left to right on the very platform. In the stage’s reflected rays of light, some not-so-famous juveniles become perceptible for a moment in the television in a prestigious pursuit. Some of them are affluent that they live in luxury and others live in apartment buildings and some in shacks.

Their voices are excellent that the majority might tremble in amazement. The coaches’ chair turns only for the one who pleases their ears with sensible taste and approval. Then suddenly the stage became empty again but the platform still at illumination. One boy stands and faces the mighty face of crowd with confidence, talent and charm. He sang as if he is the one who composed the song, altered the original with his own version. On our television, he sang “Grow Old with You” by Adam Sandler.

Eventually, two of the three coaches rotated their chair to his direction. Surprised with his comical facial expression in spite of his strong features, the viewers were entertained. The coaches had a fun time to have a dialogue with him but then he can’t escape the idea of choosing between the two of them. The coaches let him decide for a moment. Until, he chooses the coach that will guide him to his success, he chose coach Bamboo based on his hairsplitting calculations and assumptions to his coach’s talent and ability. His verdict will soon amend his fortune forever. His small galaxy will evolve, grow and hover high across the spotlight. His name was Juan Karlos “JK” Labajo.

In speculating the boy’s history it seems that he came from an foreign race but half of him is Filipino. He is a half-German and half-Filipino that was born in the island of Cebu – a prosperous land indeed in mid-eastern Philippines. Foreign visitors continue to stop-over to this land and for sure no doubt, by this fact, this led his mother and father to get together and fell in love. The love and libido were pressed on to manufacture a premium product. That is him – Juan Karlos.

Juan Karlos looks like a modern-day Adonis, biologically inspired and forged from a living metal. The characteristics that distinguished him from the others include his charisma, sex appeal, spectacular voice quality, height of a foreigner, sense of humor, optic white teeth, flexibility over setbacks, cordial interaction, and intense love for his mother. All of these reach their apogee in Juan Karlos. He, I could say, is one of a kind.

“I felt the sex appeal of this kid, “pop princess Sarah Geronimo, one of the three coaches told this during the semi-finals. Juan Karlos, at his very first appearance in television, have shown us this feeling also. We have our own definition of beauty but his charisma might change it on. His masculine beauty gives rise to human admiration and currency. His appearance is charismatic. In his admirers’ eyes, this belief is not just an opinion but a solid truth.

His name, Juan Karlos, was actually taken from the King of Spain, Juan Carlos I.  King Juan Carlos I, born in 1938, was the king of Spain since 1975. King Juan Carlos helped to return his country to democracy after the long dictatorship of General Francisco Franco. As the grandson of King Alfonso XIII, King Juan Carlos I ruled his Spanish native land to the best of his ability and proficiency. Because of this, Juan Karlos’ mother was inspired to give him “Juan Karlos” as his first name and Labajo, due to his father’s act of not recognizing him as his son; they preferred to pass his mother’s family name to him and to him alone. Juan Karlos, not just by name, is a king.

Juan Karlos is a supercharged talented man; streamlined to perfection and jammed with state-of-the-art genetic gifts. His incomparable talents exemplify just a slice of the capability of the modern youth to show what they could do as the representative of the human race to the near future. His talent as well as his physique is socially immense compared to a newly born star. So, as one in a millions of his fan, I was inspired of making him as my subject. I am radically enthralled with his charisma, physique and Stunning Euphony.

Theme Painting: "Freddy Mercury" by Leonid Afremov

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