Childhood in Crisis

Have you ever wondered in yourself that you have changed a lot since you were a child?

It reminds me of Adam and Eve when their story was told to me since I was 3 years old. The lesson, people are led by the devil to commit sin. I say, it is the fruit which tempted them eventually.

Like most of us, the inevitable period of puberty happens to anyone as a part of growth. It happens timely in simultaneous way on both biological and psychological perspective.

It is the time when the fruit is offered to us and we always wanted to taste it. Whether we are curious or tempted, doesn’t matter. At least, we wanted it and we want it badly. It is the time we decide for our own selves. So, are you going to bite the fruit now or have you tasted it already? But, how long have you been doing? Did you made to think about it, have you hesitated? And, think of it while you mesmerize your way to the forgotten past of innocence.

Childhood means simplicity. Look at the world with the child’s eye – it is very beautiful.

-Kailash Satyarthi

If you try to think like a child you would see the world in its beauty even though how rough it is. I had observed street children here in Manila.

Street children living in the slums, informal settlements (also known as squatters) who dismally eat their day to day nutrition at restaurant backdoor trash bins and sometimes, when a good Samaritan passes by, they are given a more humane food like fried chicken, hamburgers, spaghetti, fries, mashed potato accompanied with rice sees their current living even fun. Street children like these are free and even enjoys to run along the highway where vehicles run at about 30 kph potentially harming them in their stunt. Other children who lives away from the street but settles near the train rail or river are also in the same peril. However, this is not what surprises me.

The cases of rape, hold-ups, murder, etc. in these areas are rampant due to the lack of public authorities present in the unlit areas where squatters dwell and also to the looming illegal drug industry which lingers to these parts. It so happens that the children have learned to adapt in their place’s notorious culture but instead of treating it malignantly they somehow made a “twist” to the outrageous crimes such as these. Do you know what these kids did? They used rape, murder, hold-ups as a subject to their games.

For “Rape” they use female playmates to stand as a victim while a male playmate stand as a rapist and sometimes acts and says “Ibibigay mo ba o papatayin kita?” (Give it or die). Later on at their dramatic games, an acting Police appears and performs to stop the crime with guns. At some point they arrest the criminal and puts him to jail. But this is not how it ends, at another play someone will try to hold-up another playmate and tries to outrun the police! It even involves gun encounters and shoot outs when I was there. But to think that children knows that can be deeply alarming because they can harm their playmate at the point of having “fun”. Like the news I heard of that a child have pierce a barbecue stick right into his playmates eyeballs because of these games. It may involve real blood in the process but the children have transform it to something amusing. Can adults or even teens like us have the guts to laugh at things as morbid like that? I don’t think so.

The main character of childhood is innocence. Innocence now at crisis.

Childhood was perfect as these three white doves. I laugh when I remember that talking about private parts was an immoral taboo back then. It didn’t come until the second thought to me that a child with his innocence packs the world’s most cherished values. Later on, its chastity will be tainted and as time moves to his mind the idea of life was never been the same again. From the life of virtue came the life of barren survival. These dove symbolizes cleanliness, innocence and purity yet they are free to fly. We are free but no longer innocent from the sour taste of societal abattoir that reaps the innocence apart. For a modern world as such, Freedom is associated with Liberation. No, it shouldn’t be. Freedom to do what we think we should do is different from Freedom to do what we want to do regardless of reason.

In conclusion, I would like to imply that we should not act frivolously like a child or be as sullen as adults. We should enjoy life as children but think like adults because crisis we faced before as children are different from the crisis we face now that we are grown-ups.


*just a thought anyway

© Picture: Instagram Blog at Tumblr


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