There are many other ways to depict a character to die, likewise, even to a dog. Oro’s incapability made itself only to blame. How come that one of Manila’s finest theatrical crews came not to a better resolve of the portrayal of the scene than actually killing a minor and lower character?

To the least of the blunder, it lashes out wounds to Oro crews’ professional career: it even taints and points doubts as to how they have made themselves professional even. Isn’t it a requirement for a professional movie-maker to be able to make a scene even more realistic, then why didn’t they made it so?

But, it did deserve the award – without looking to an ultra moral high ground, objectively and without making a typhoon o’er a teacup. Let us not look only to that detail.

The cast also made themselves commendable through their praiseworthy theatrics. After all, it is still a work of Art not some piece of carcass from the old MMFF.

Point in fact, the cast is not entangled to the crews’ mistake.


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