Falling for Fear

What I am afraid the most?

          High places, in fear of falling down, uncomfortably make me shiver – every time I see how I am away from the ground.

          In my experience as a child from the Province, where trees are in multitude, local kids apt to climb their branches embracing the rugged trunks just for them to take its succulent fruit. There is a Mango Tree which stands its might so high and bears its fruit so alluring. As the frivolous lad I am, I tried to challenge myself in a stunt for the purpose of impressing and entertaining my playmates; and the price, the succulent and yellowish Mango Fruit where we all look up each day dreaming for it to fall; but it didn’t fall. So I was at daring mood and decided to pluck this this elusive fruit from this tree all by myself. My cousin jeers and so I began my treacherous and perilous feat.
          From one branch to another, as my memory stirs on my mind, there was this branch which is not fit to hold my weight. Then the innocent, innocuous and ignorant kid I was, I stepped on this nearly faltering branch just to attain my fruity trophy. Of course, I do not know what I was thinking I just took the impulse. Suddenly it breaks at the blink of an eye and I have nothing to hold on as it does. So gravity dragged me down and slams my body grimly down the stone-scattered ground. Pain is the only thing I knew and feel. After that, it came to me that I have fallen. My cousin tried to run for help and I assumed that he left me alone for dead! But fortunately, there was no blood spilling although I’ve descended intensely and face-down.
          Since then, I vowed to the gods and myself not to climb high and fall once more. Yet the memory of it still haunts me whenever I am up. Little do I know I have a mild acrophobia; the dreaded fear of heights. Not only this that bothers me… what also terrifies me is falling… for Love.
Theme Painting: The Scream by Edvard Munch

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