The Author


Hello, there!

I’m Justin. I’m from the Pearl of the Orient, the Philippines. I’m still a student and I’m currently taking my Bachelor’s Degree at Far Eastern University.

I can’t help it but I love writing to express my thoughts inside. I’m opinionated type of person and I find politicians the most likely to target. (I know I should take Political Science or Journalism rather)

I am the science type of guy that really puts reason first than anything. I am a scholar at Department of Science and Technology  of the Philippines and beside from looking for my blog I should really try to look on my grades first.

Anyway, when you like, read or make positive comments at my writings it helps me boosts my confidence a bit so I imply that you just keep pushing my blog up.

Thus, I thank you for reading this section and trying to know something about me. Have a jolly good time. 🙂