More Painful than Death

One of the reasons why I do not approve Death Penalty as capital punishment is that no criminal litigation is exceedingly faultless. Death, as punishment, is irreversible therefore the verdict must be thoroughly accurate and precise because the life you are taking away cannot be revived. This stand does not protect criminals but it does not save the guiltless either.

Second, the penalty will only decrease the pleasure of handing down the punishment to the criminal. If you put a convicted felon to death does it not make the afterlife a scapegoat from the incarnate suffering of the body? I mean, it’s not mythological, but the mere corporeal punishment of reclusion perpetua is a day-to-day misery of jail time. Who would want a criminal to simply lose his life only to evade the chances of everyday agony? Speaking of death and pain, it reminds of the immortal words of Theodore Roosevelt which says, “Absence and Death are the same – only that in Death there is no suffering”.

Third, the Penalty is viciously unchristian, inhumane and inconsiderate.

It is unchristian simply because life is given by God. Only such kind of being, if there were in existence, is capable of handling such judgement. Besides, the sacrament of forgiveness, which all of us christians continue to uphold, transcends the boundary of chaos and hatred to love – leaving us tranquil in the arms of God. Jesus never taught his disciples to curse the ones who wronged them nor kill them even. So, the practice of forgiveness is essential to Christian life. Don’t get me wrong, not only that it is religious but also rational. The impulse of vindication have caused human mind to resort to barbarity across cultures. Such as tribes who resort to the Law of the Talions but with wasteful relishes of vengeance – you take one, we take ten. Taking a life is not only irrational but also obsolete method of punishment.

Inconsiderate because it condemns us from our life by our mistakes. Reclusion perpetua is not inconsiderate because it gives a man a time to atone or suffer from his sins FOR LIFE, bail excluded.

The rarity of the Death Penalty served as a stepping stone towards the advancement of our Humanity. What makes our species differ from other animals is that we are “sapiens” – an animal of reason not of carnage, violence and brutality much like a beast. Death is not a good example to teach our citizens. The government is the rudder, the teacher. What the penalty teaches us is to surrender our life to the law which didn’t provided us life in the first place. John Locke have argued the essentiality of Life, Liberty and Estate, as Natural Law – but the last two are recoverable… the first is not. Therefore, the government must protect them at all cost. What similar to it is our life compared to a flower that it blooms without the mandate of the Law – all natural, god-given. The law is not powerful enough to stop the wilting of the flower but certainly not stifle it when it blooms. How could the law take away what is inherently provided? Besides, unusual methods of sending someone to die is outright cruel and inhumane.

The decisiveness of the new admin might have catalysed drastic changes, but I do not blame the President for such paralogical change. He is indeed the people’s President – well at least the vociferous majority. But the decisiveness of action ignores stronger reasons. And that puts number as the scale of Justice which as I recalled the handiwork of Pontius Pilate in the case of Jesus before the crowd that led the murderous Barabas to freedom. That is the problem, when the characters of the courtroom favours what they think is convincing not because it is the truth especially when witnesses under oath, lawyers or defendant are clad with deceit. The truth can even turn against the victim. Besides, what does the state do when indeed the litigant is condemned – thrown to a Death Row awaiting his final days to arrive for ten years which is as good as imprisonment. But, why do we need to kill? To exact vengeance? To know the truth? To silence? To quench our disgust for criminals? What exactly is the purpose?

It is good and more satisfying to accept this kind of penalty if the fact-finding body is always infallible. But all courts are not error-free in skinning the truth.

No amount of error is insignificant in a sentence such as this. Then if so happens, we serve our citizens no greater disservice by sending them to death when in fact they will be cleared later on when compelling evidence acquits the defendant. But Alas!… we have killed them when we could have just imprisoned them.

Just to remind, it took the life of our National Hero, Jose Rizal, which made me more skeptical about its infallibility on cases like Treason.

I hope the congress review the bill surely well.

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When I turn 18

The thought I worry most about is that I can no longer practice most of the freedom knowing each corner that lies ahead lurks a reason for me to violate a law and will get imprisoned!

Well, at least it opens more opportunities from dignified reasons like to be able to vote in both local and national elections or to goofier reasons like pervious entrance to night bars at Tomas Morato. Much stoicism and discipline is expected from those enter at this age.

Older age compels qualm in actions; older age should burn and rave at close of day!

Happy Beginning of my Legal Age!

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“The Iron Lady of Asia died fighting, in her sleep; she died unconscious.”

The entire Philippines was evidently shocked by the sudden demise of one of its treasured solon and perhaps the wisest among the senators who ever was and ever will be.

Lately, we were talking about her with my colleagues when a memory of the senator came to our curiosity that her public appearance seemed to be greatly diminished. One of them asked me, “Is she no longer a senator?” I regretfully replied to her, “No. Her term as a senator has ended and since she lost the last election she is once again a part of the private sector.”

I begin the recollection of my memory of her from the days when I was an inexperienced kid. I often see her in nighttime news reports often yelling, screaming, joking and scolding other officials that fit well in the vessel of a kleptocrat. As a result, my mother loudly extolled in the middle of the house that she voted for the lady and impersonates her finger-pointing libretto thus sounds the same intonations as the senator – this makes me laugh and feel anxious for my mother’s mental health because it’s silly; but I realized it’s just entirely for laughs in the end.

Anyhow, the impression the senator left to me is the sense of Justice. Her incessant “corruption-busting” campaign left a remarkable ink in my mind. Her words gave me the primitive fragments of my moral and political principles that will soon be developed throughout the years. In practice, I admit that when I overhear news that disgusts me concerning the way our politicians behave behind and in front of the closet, including their monkey businesses, there are times that I give furious comments regarding how should they treat the people and how should they do their jobs. When I do this, I oftentimes remember that there is one senator who knows what I am talking about and hear my voice. I was 10 years old at this and I know how dark the Philippine politicians are.


Image: Santiago’s Profile in the Hall of Awardees at Ramon Magsaysay Foundation Awards for Leadership

Compared to my former approvals, I am not the only one who rejoiced when she attacked one of the most reviled politicians who came from my home province of Cagayan. Just to give a clue, even his fellow Cagayanos did not approve to give him a continuation in controlling the better portion of Cagayan, industrializing the province for the foreigners, ecologically harming the environment by black-sand mining and concentrating political positions to his relatives and allies. No doubt, Cagayanos hate this man but the lady senator was out there reproaching the old man. I feel like the entire province’s voice was heard in minutes or her speech. Not to mention that she challenged him for a debate, that was an uppercut!

I also remember one of my classmates in High School who vocally declared her intense adoration to the Iron Lady. I recalled her saying that she wanted to be like the senator and we both dislike the people she comes to combat in the senate hall. We shared political views about the lady and habitually includes her in our deep conversations alongside scientific breakthrough, philosophical questions, psychological thoughts like the behaviour of our classmates and our own assessment to their attitudes and reasoning (we include the hypothetical influence of their synergy with their chums) and religious doctrines that often goes to the absurd tinkering with the concepts of each religion and cultural significance of that religion to the region. Yes, we could create a caboodle of thesis questions mounting from the senator’s recent statements and it ladders up at least not in the technical derivatives because we are just high school students.

This simply means that the senator might have influenced vast amount of the Filipino youths including me and my friends; and her persona fumes a lot of intellectual discussion with my friend alone. That is why her legacy has greatly defined the pillars of my political, philosophical and even moral beliefs. She is not just a senator or a woman; she changed my mind and almost certainly my life and future. I will never forget the teacher I never met.

Remembering the Iron Lady of Asia is pushing me to pursue a degree in Law. It ignites my inner sense of Justice, my belligerent and spirited side. I will jubilantly tell my children that she is one of the greatest people who influenced me and that they are fortunate to live in the day that she lived to tell her tale. Right now, one of my primary models to my moral, political and more like philosophical principles have peacefully passed away. The kind of Senator I will always elect, the epitome of Justice, the Woman we will never forget will never die for the Iron she wrought never rusts and eternally honed by her legacy to the Filipino youth, to the country and to the world.

The Iron Lady of Asia made her niches in our hearts, her memory resounds undying, and for the generations to come, lessons of principles, that is the time when the Iron turns Gold.

“In my view, leadership is the courage to take risks in defense of a position that is both legal and moral. The politician who tries to become a wise guy by becoming friends to everybody – corrupt or not – is not a leader.”
― Miriam Defensor Santiago, Stupid is Forever

Miriam Palma Defensor-Santiago (1945-2016)
Rest in Peace Madame The Great

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Childhood in Crisis

Have you ever wondered in yourself that you have changed a lot since you were a child?

It reminds me of Adam and Eve when their story was told to me since I was 3 years old. The lesson, people are led by the devil to commit sin. I say, it is the fruit which tempted them eventually.

Like most of us, the inevitable period of puberty happens to anyone as a part of growth. It happens timely in simultaneous way on both biological and psychological perspective.

It is the time when the fruit is offered to us and we always wanted to taste it. Whether we are curious or tempted, doesn’t matter. At least, we wanted it and we want it badly. It is the time we decide for our own selves. So, are you going to bite the fruit now or have you tasted it already? But, how long have you been doing? Did you made to think about it, have you hesitated? And, think of it while you mesmerize your way to the forgotten past of innocence.

Childhood means simplicity. Look at the world with the child’s eye – it is very beautiful.

-Kailash Satyarthi

If you try to think like a child you would see the world in its beauty even though how rough it is. I had observed street children here in Manila.

Street children living in the slums, informal settlements (also known as squatters) who dismally eat their day to day nutrition at restaurant backdoor trash bins and sometimes, when a good Samaritan passes by, they are given a more humane food like fried chicken, hamburgers, spaghetti, fries, mashed potato accompanied with rice sees their current living even fun. Street children like these are free and even enjoys to run along the highway where vehicles run at about 30 kph potentially harming them in their stunt. Other children who lives away from the street but settles near the train rail or river are also in the same peril. However, this is not what surprises me.

The cases of rape, hold-ups, murder, etc. in these areas are rampant due to the lack of public authorities present in the unlit areas where squatters dwell and also to the looming illegal drug industry which lingers to these parts. It so happens that the children have learned to adapt in their place’s notorious culture but instead of treating it malignantly they somehow made a “twist” to the outrageous crimes such as these. Do you know what these kids did? They used rape, murder, hold-ups as a subject to their games.

For “Rape” they use female playmates to stand as a victim while a male playmate stand as a rapist and sometimes acts and says “Ibibigay mo ba o papatayin kita?” (Give it or die). Later on at their dramatic games, an acting Police appears and performs to stop the crime with guns. At some point they arrest the criminal and puts him to jail. But this is not how it ends, at another play someone will try to hold-up another playmate and tries to outrun the police! It even involves gun encounters and shoot outs when I was there. But to think that children knows that can be deeply alarming because they can harm their playmate at the point of having “fun”. Like the news I heard of that a child have pierce a barbecue stick right into his playmates eyeballs because of these games. It may involve real blood in the process but the children have transform it to something amusing. Can adults or even teens like us have the guts to laugh at things as morbid like that? I don’t think so.

The main character of childhood is innocence. Innocence now at crisis.

Childhood was perfect as these three white doves. I laugh when I remember that talking about private parts was an immoral taboo back then. It didn’t come until the second thought to me that a child with his innocence packs the world’s most cherished values. Later on, its chastity will be tainted and as time moves to his mind the idea of life was never been the same again. From the life of virtue came the life of barren survival. These dove symbolizes cleanliness, innocence and purity yet they are free to fly. We are free but no longer innocent from the sour taste of societal abattoir that reaps the innocence apart. For a modern world as such, Freedom is associated with Liberation. No, it shouldn’t be. Freedom to do what we think we should do is different from Freedom to do what we want to do regardless of reason.

In conclusion, I would like to imply that we should not act frivolously like a child or be as sullen as adults. We should enjoy life as children but think like adults because crisis we faced before as children are different from the crisis we face now that we are grown-ups.


*just a thought anyway

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“Unadultered Passion”

Moving on is not easy but this is what I have realized.

Even if you are a tough and belligerent Debater or a Philosopher, there is this thing you cannot argue about and that is “your placed in someone’s heart”

I think that fighting for my right to be loved back do not transcend your freedom to choose who to Love. I may give you all the reasons why should you stay to me but I still cannot tamper your free will. No matter how I explain my side, I still cannot convince you to stay right to mine. Even if the logic and premises supports my demands, the reason we can no longer win is that Love do not require arguments or debates for the person we are addressing can only validate what his heart assumes to believe regardless of any reason.

Love dismisses us from being sober and indulges our senses to its apparent intoxication. To this point, it does not require any reason at all for it conjures feelings rather than ideas.

You are not a customer willing to buy a property just because I have a good advertisement. You are not my property to keep or fight for before the judge or jury. You are not my slave to do you something as it pleases me. You are not a toy to quarrel with someone who likes or loves you more than I. You we’re never mine since you came to me; and you we’re never mine since we are together. You are not a property because you are more than just that; you are more than clothes I can change whenever I feel cold or hot; you are more than stool to pound you down with my weight; you are more than a cell phone I can replace whenever a new model was out. You are neither a horse to beat nor a flower to keep.

“If you love someone, you should always allow them to grow even if it means you are no longer part of their journey.”

As a lover of my loved ones, we should allow them to have a choice even if they do not select you. As a lover of my loved ones, we should free our hearts from grudges even if we are the one who is left without proper notice. As a lover of my loved ones, we should allow them to leave our room even if we are left alone. As a lover of my loved ones, we should learn to accept even the most unpleasant news we are going to hear from our loved ones the same as criticisms we receive from those who oppose our ideas. As a lover of my loved ones, we should learn to bow our pride for it is necessary for our loved ones to be truly happy.

As the Christian Bible talks about in 1 Corinthians 13:4-7, “Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It does not dishonor others, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, and it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, and always perseveres.”

What we ought to understand is what they are feeling. Leaving them will definitely break your heart but won’t crush your soul. We should not be jealous when they find new inspirations from others, in fact, we should be happy as they are happy with what they are doing – you are already allowing them to root from others beside from yourself. Time will come, if you two are bound to be, he will come to know that he lost you. Furthermore, we should not jeer to them that they made bad choices as we like to believe that it is; we should support them because, as a child, their life is just beginning and you should allow them to explore, to learn, to take risk, to have adventure, or to realize something even if you are no longer by their side. Let your loved ones discover. Let your loved ones be free; for it is the essence why they loved you in the first place – because they are free.

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