A Future with Global Warming

Our connection to the environment is ancient but the Climate Change is a modern environmental problem.

In ancient Egypt, the Egyptians’ respect to their environment is somewhat serious. For the Nile River sustains their primary need, they’d built temples to worship and thank the gods who gave them the environment: Ra, the God of the Sun, was their supreme God. Nut, represents the heaven and puts everything in order, she had the ability to swallow stars and cause them to be born again. And Isis, the one who invented the agriculture and on the Egyptian myth she came to be seen as Mother Earth.

Our Climate is as fragile as the Human Body. Like our entire human anatomy, the environmental system is as close as an organization of microscopic cells. One cellular defect might ruin the behavior of the entire group and eventually changes the normal functioning of the body, like a house of cards with the “Ace of Hearts” on uppermost. And so is with the Environment, when the unbalanced forces directly dissolved in the braying climatic orchestra, the whole planet will lose its rhythm and bringing the whole human concert at mortal risk.

How they value the environment as a resource of their being is different from today.

Once there was a world named Venus. The planet has glittering and promising career in about billions of years ago. It is the twin sister of Earth and resembles Earth almost precisely. It endured the same planetary process just like with our planet. At first, this planet’s oceans were like Earth’s – calm, gentle, tranquil and blue. It was as beautiful as Venus herself. The earth’s twin sister became a revolving Paradise. But the Heaven floating in cosmos suddenly turns out to Hell. The first breath of Hell came out not from the Atmosphere but from within. Fuming volcanoes exhaled nasty gases including CO2. But the volcanoes’ emission of gases was so severe that CO2 entirely buried the planet with hell-like heat. Venus wasn’t hot because it is closer to the sun but because CO2 blankets Venus’ sky that disables the solar energy to pass through and travel back to space. In this situation, life is impossible to ripen. Now, Venus’ past and present could be our planet’s distant future.

Global warming is a symptom of Climate Change. And, we could clearly see its effect if we observe our water. If all of the earth’s water will be summarized in a gallon container, the amount of the available fresh water would equal just over a tablespoon – less than half of one percent at the total. About 97% of the planet’s water is seawater; another 2% is locked down in ice-jail icecaps and glaciers. Since this portion of global water is meant to be frozen, the related global warming is “defrosting” it resulting to overall unwanted hydro-rise that disturbs some of the gorgeous cities around the world just like Venice in Italy. Manila – the capital city of The Philippines – will experienced 4.5 feet sea-level rise over the next 100 years not to mention that the happy city has very dense population and outdated sewers that sniffs most of the garbage all throughout the region, while its nearby neighboring country, China, coughs out approximately 30% of the world total CO2.

The CO2 acts as a blanket that cocoons the Earth to heat. As the sun ejects solar rays to our atmosphere, a large amount of which generally bounced back by our atmosphere then eventually our clouds would reflect some of the remaining parts until it reaches the ground and could either absorb the heat or otherwise bounce it back. So, when carbon dioxide is present in our atmosphere at great amounts it would prevent the heat from leaping away from Earth protrudes the so called Greenhouse Effect. But do not “curse” carbon dioxide because of these; too much CO2 would turn the entire planet to a barren ball of heat. On the other hand, if CO2 would be too less, then the whole planet would become an ice-covered ball and we may not exist at all.

Climate change is an environmental sickness, drained from human negligence and self-indulgence; and as I have said its symptom is global warming. If only we could see CO2 around us… if only our eyes are sensitive to CO2 we could definitely understand and let go of our grip of denial.

In the year 1913 on the banks of the River Nile at Egypt, an uneducated man who spent only 3 years of learning is about to discover a brilliant invention. He was Mr. Frank Shuman. As he strolls upon the Nile, he felt the scorching heat from the sun. He wondered if this heat could be of use rather than a physical punishment then it would be a great benefit. Eventually, his tinkering did sprout to a machine. Using the energy from the sun, the machine irrigates the entire plantation that ranges from hundreds of hectares on Egyptian land. On this time, his machine’s harvested energy is enough to power the entire planet…the entire planet. So suddenly that his invention did not boosted so well, so Mr. Shoeman’s innovation should have to wait for almost a century to be enhanced again.

The world’s most dazzling and powerful invention sparks in our darkest times. When this idea punches Einstein’s mind, he thought of improvement. In 1905 Albert Einstein published his special theory of relativity. According to this theory, the relation between mass and energy is expressed by the equation E = mc2, which states that a given mass (m) is associated with an amount of energy (E) equal to this mass multiplied by the square of the speed of light (c). A very small amount of matter is equivalent to a vast amount of energy. For example, 1 kg (2.2 lbs.) of matter converted completely into energy would be equivalent to the energy released by exploding 22 megatons of TNT. To understand the relativity simply, here Einstein told to his critics. “Sit with a beautiful girl in one hour and it feels just like a second, press your finger in a pot of boiling water and it feels just like an hour.” But the wonderful idea didn’t turned to be pleasing after all, it should be saving. Instead it functioned to be as the main character in World War II.

When we have the chance, in fact, to run the world with the support of some scientific endeavours, we focused on using coals that directly destabilizes the environment and possibly wreck our species. So why didn’t we?

When the 20th century began, the amount of heat that roams around the Earth had raised drastically just the same as the total world population. The total world population today is about 7, 000, 000, 000, 000 (7 Billion). So, think again, that is the number of lives we could save from the dreaded aftermath of Climate Change. It can’t embrace too long in our aggression and reckless obliteration of her system. Carl Sagan once said these words, “we’re holding the cosmos into the hands of hell.”

When Yuri Gagarin or the Apollo 11 crew set their epic voyage through space, they saw one Planet – an indivisible and united ball of mud. Yet the unity we sat upon turns out to be the deadly competitions genera per genera. Modern Patricians and Plebeians, nobles and downtrodden, state and religion, masculine and feminine, clever and bold, handsome and ugly, rich and poor, black and white, man when pulped to desperation will turn to a reckless animal. Pride sense of balance. Until we have driven her to the point of no return.

There’s an empty corridor inside the Hall of Extinction. No more and no less, at this very place our story here would end. So, you should know what to do…