Heneral Luna: A Masterpiece

A Philippine History

In 1898, the Spanish signed the Treaty of Paris which made them fled out of the Philippine terra firma. In the feat of the event Andres Bonifacio made an assembly which formed a Revolutionary Government under President Emilio Aguinaldo. But the year was never been the end of the Philippine tribulation, instead it became another start under their new conquerors – the Americans. Arriving from the continent of America which the American race had captured once more lays another battlefield of Politics and Liberty over the vast Philippine Archipelago. But She, the Philippines, was never been left alone for foreign domination however there are Brave Soldiers who are ready to offer their blood to her soil to pave the Freedom for Filipinos; a Valiant Soldier who held a position in power and ready to smite another oppressor in hand. A name that recognized by many; a name which the Military salute to; the name upholds by General McArthur himself; the name was General Antonio Luna.

The year of 1898, held a specific quantity to the Americans – the reception of Manila. Together they march their battalion to Intramuros conquering the Philippines. For many politicians who were hoaxed by the sugar coated words of the foreigners, the Arrival of their ships meant the enrichment of the Philippine economy; but General Luna senses something much worse, something nefarious to the Land – the drawback of their much awaited Freedom. Their freedom was not only his personal concern but an objective of the KKK itself. As per the bullet encounter at Sta. Mesa, Manila, the military perception of General Luna was justified. Now they are fighting for Freedom. General Luna became a disciplinarian, harsh and decisive in battle and several soldiers and politicians were intimidated by his ruling technique. They made the President Aguinaldo to know he was the enemy of the state and so Aguinaldo was tricked. Aguinaldo guards including Pedro Janolino brutally stabbed the General to death and so with bullet including his trustee Francisco Roman, they were both assassinated in the Convent of Cabanatuan during the war. Later on, due to their loss of this General the war has been won by the Americans and Philippines was forcefully bowed down again to their new masters.

This was the storyline of the movie of entitled “Heneral Luna” made many people applaud at the end of the great show. It was successfully met and even surpassed the viewer’s suppositions on a regular Filipino film which is sometimes senseless; but Heneral Luna finished every touch of the scene an outstanding cinematography and script. Thus; since it focused on war it pins up a way to insert humour during the time of military conflagration. Besides with the mark of its excellent cinematic performance, the film was historically accurate and it is accordingly based on reality. Despite all the praises, according to some audiences, they were dismayed by the actions of the former government and the conclusion of the First Republic under President Emilio Aguinaldo which is also a suspect on Bonifacio’s death. In relation to the one of the darkest period of our History it can’t be inseparably compared to the upcoming 2016 Elections regarding the mistakes and decisions of the First Republic. It is by then concluded that Heneral Luna is a General with burning affection to the country and the movie is worth the ticket price and time of watching.